Published Travel Portfolio

This is a small collection of travel-related pieces that have been published while on the road.

Look Out, World

This piece was written with the intention of being published in a local paper back home. I wanted my friends and family to see my words in print so that maybe they would take their travel plans more seriously. The first paper I contacted was the Tampa Bay Times, where my article was reviewed and decidedly put on the front page of their tbt* free edition on April 30, 2013. At the time, I thought my article would be featured in a sidebar. I had no idea that the headshot I submitted was going to be used as a full-cover image, and I had no input for the captions and tag lines. My article received praise as well as criticism in later editions of the tbt* via letters to the editor.

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The Pleasures of Couchsurfing

Upon returning home from my travels in December 2013, I was once again motivated to push my friends and family to take a dive outside of their comfort zones. My answer: Couchsurfing. Though it has become far more commonplace now, it was a pretty big deal when I was on the road. This piece was published by the tbt* in the spring of 2014.
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A Medical Treatment Miracle Down Under

After a minor snowboarding mishap New Zealand, I ended up getting an x-ray at a public doctor’s office where I was living. I was so surprised at how efficient and reasonably my visit was (thanks to the Accident Compensation Corporation) that I ended up writing an article for my blog. Instead I submitted the finished piece to the tbt*, where it was published in July 2013.
For the published article, View this PDF.

Homegrown Festival Coverage

After arriving in New Zealand in early Feb. 2013, I was invited by the Lumiere Reader to shoot an interview for the perk of attending Homegrown, New Zealand’s largest, local music festival. On my blog, I posted my personal Homegrown experience, which was then passed on to the festival’s director. Pleased with my work, the director shared my blog on the Homegrown Facebook page on March 4, 2013.

Industrial Wonderland: A Tourist’s View

After spending several weeks exploring the Pilbara, an area most of my friends and acquaintances suggested I avoid, I was surprised to find that I was sad to be leaving. I originally wrote this piece for my blog, but later submitted it to the Telegraph News where it was published in late February 2013. View the PDF here.

Margaret River Mail

On a particularly starry Australian night, using duct-tape and buttons in place of a shutter-release, I created my first long-exposure star-trail on a rooftop in Margaret River. I submitted the shot to the Margaret River Mail where it was accepted and published in January 2013.

Pilbara Echo Top Shot Photography

Taken on a road trip along the Great Northern Highway to Karijini National Park, this was my first foto submission to an Australian newspaper. My foto was accepted and published in December 2012 by the Pilbara Echo free newspaper.